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Kodax Creative is a media agency that provides a full 360 service. Based in Hong Kong with over a decade of combined experience, our team provides a range of services that includes content strategy, content production, content analysis, digital marketing & social media management. 




We believe that content is the variable of success and that a businesses longevity is directly tied to their ability to connect with their consumer.

We have one main focus, and that is to help drive business results. This means we have to have a deep understanding of our clients brand and the habits and patterns of their media channels. Understanding this and their target demographic allows us to build and distribute creative that will connect with the audience that will deliver efficient and relevant results.

We put the consumer at the centre of everything we do ensuring that every piece of content we create, falls in line with an overarching strategy that is catered to driving the consumer through a well mapped out media funnel. Gone are the days where generic mass market messages are served, the modern day consumer needs to be spoken to as an individual as they seek for the alignment of values and interests before making any purchasing decision.

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